Procare announces series of “Ten Oaks Seminars”…

As works at the unique ‘Ten Oaks’ continue, we are pleased to announce the launch of a series of seminars, scheduled to take place at the site in the New Year.

The Owners, Dr and Mrs Mays and the Contractors, Procare Construction, will be inviting students, consultants, architects and affordable housing providers to attend a keynote lecture entitles “The Building of a Zero Carbon House”.

The lecture, delivered by key speakers Dr Ian Mays (Owner), David Kirkland (Architect), Steve Cook (Managing Director – Procare Construction) and Morgan Bevan (Site Manager at Ten Oaks), will outline the principles involved in the construction of a zero carbon house through the careful design, selection of low carbon materials and building processes.

If you are interested in attending one of these seminars, please contact

Ability Plaza works to commence…

Following the award of works, we are pleased to announce that Procare Construction will once again be working with Grainger plc.  This 20 week programme of specialist external and lift refurbishment works at Ability Plaza are scheduled to commence in late September, completing 2017.